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Queby is the leading Debt Recovery Agency in Malaysia.

Queby Debt Recovery Management was founded in 2001 by a group of experienced professionals who were passionate about helping businesses recover their debts. The company quickly established itself as a leading debt collection agency in Malaysia and has since helped banks and corporates recover billions of ringgits in outstanding debts.

Debt Recovery Services We Provide

Debt Recovery is not a generic service; we assess each case to tailor the best solution to your needs.

Unlike many debt collection agencies within the industry, we don’t just make a phone call and send a letter; over 20 years of collective experience in personal and commercial debt recovery has shown us person-to-person contact improves communication and collection success rates. This is why Queby has the highest rate of recovery in the industry.


From debt recovery through to court action, we provide a seamless data-driven debt collection solution.

Award Winning

We are the Brand Laureate award winning ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2015 certified company.


We achieve outstanding levels of early engagement due to the strength and credibility of our brand.



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Debt Recovery Professionals

Our People, Dedicated Workforce

Our staff are dedicated and hardworking; without them, we wouldn’t be able to provide the high-quality services that are at the heart of what we do. The expertise and care shown by our team ensure that every case we receive is managed quickly, efficiently, and compliantly.

We strive to protect your power with the debt collection process and are here committed to delivery best-in-class customer service of debt collection, to a variety of industries.

We are a company that has won the Brand Laureate Award and holds ISO 9001:2015 certification

Our mission is to leave no opportunities of recovery untapped and relieve credit organizations of the complications of debts recovery and also to provide pre and post recovery assistance. We have debt collection knowledge experiences and is headed by a professionals, qualified management team. The management team has extensive experience in the finance, manufacturing, trading debtor management, debt recovering and legal fields. Such a blend of experience ensures that the client benefits from accurate and prudent advice on debt collection and risk management needs to progress in order to achieve a successful debt collection program.

why choose us

Your Debt Recovery Company in Malaysia
With Proven Track Records

Industry-Leading Recovery Rates

Queby have a proven 25% higher recovery rate than that of our competitors due to our unique brand awareness, which means we collect debts that others simply can't.

Unrivalled Brand Awareness

Queby's unrivalled brand awareness simply means we collect more than anybody else which created a unique brand awareness that is instantly recognised and trusted.

Data-Driven Debt Collection

Queby invests in the most up-to-date, real-time trace and address verification systems to obtain the subject’s most recent credit activity and link them to any address and telephone number they may be using.

Protecting your Brand Reputation

Queby values professionalism and ethical practices and work closely with you to ensure we protect your reputation, as well as our own, throughout the enforcement process.

Clients We Serve