We are a company that has won the Brand Laureate Award and holds ISO 9001:2015 certification

Awards Winning

Queby Recovery is a company that places great importance on maintaining high standards and achieving accreditations. As a result of this focus, the company has established a reputation for rigorous standards in its operations. Queby Recovery takes pride in its accreditations, which serve as a testament to its commitment to providing quality services.

Awards & Recognitions

Our aim is to exhaust all possible avenues for debt recovery and ease the burden of debt collection for credit organizations. Additionally, we offer pre- and post-recovery support. Our team comprises seasoned professionals in debt collection with vast knowledge and experience. The management team is composed of experts in finance, manufacturing, trading, debtor management, debt recovery, and legal fields, guaranteeing that our clients receive sound and practical advice on debt collection and risk management. This diverse range of experience ensures that clients can progress towards a successful debt collection program.

Effective Strategies

At our company, we adhere to a business policy that prioritizes establishing long-lasting relationships, satisfying our clients, offering cost-effective solutions, and keeping them informed of our debt recovery efforts. We emphasize our professional approach in this business to safeguard our clients’ reputations. Furthermore, our cost-effective approach guarantees that our clients receive maximum benefits.

Exceptional service

Our services cater to both the government and private sectors, encompassing industries such as finance, insurance, utilities, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, trading, media, and retail. However, in light of the escalating issue of bad debts in the banking sector, we have decided to extend our services to assist financial institutions in their debt recovery efforts. This move highlights Queby’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and achieving significant outcomes.

Accreditations & Certifications