We offer all types of investigations services from the very basic to corporate matter, which can be discussed with the strictest of confidence.

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Investigation Services

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Who we serve

You can rest assured that the security service at Live Sensor Security is completely honest, reliable and competent. Each member of our team undergoes rigorous background checks and is SIRD licensed to provide you with the total confidence you need to guard your premises or protect your staff or customers.

Whether you are a business owner or are looking to protect your home or assets, our security service will ensure your safety through the professional fulfillment of their duties, including:

  • Access Control
  • Alarm Response
  • Patrol Tour
  • Monitoring Systems

From night club guards and bouncers to club safety and crowd control teams, Live Sensor Security is able to provide the best in club security to ensure order and safety among the sometimes intoxicated and unruly crowd. We also work closely with law enforcement to ensure compliance with all licensing conditions and safety regulations.

The duty of a bouncer is to monitor the crowd and ensure that house rules are followed – bouncers should be mature and personable, friendly but firm and can talk to people without appearing threatening.

All our club security officers are trained and tested before being deployed for duty. Regular re-training and updates are also conducted to keep all officers on top of the latest security issues and trends. We can also assist in the security consulting and training of in-house staff of private clubs or pubs.

Hotel security has unique requirements that are not present in other situations. Not only do guards have to monitor areas such as parking lots, lobbies and other areas must also be guarded against theft and unauthorized entry. Our hotel security officers provide:

  • Guarding premises against unauthorized access or occupation, outbreaks of disorder, or damage
  • Guarding property against destruction, theft or vandalism
  • Guarding individuals against assault or injuries that might be suffered in consequence of the unlawful conduct of others

Information security is the process of protecting information, in terms of its availability, privacy and integrity. This is especially important in today’s world where more and more companies store business information on computers, and such information is highly confidential. These include personal staff details, client lists, salaries, bank account details, marketing and sales information etc. It is imperative to install security systems to ensure that these data are protected.

A combination of software and hardware must be implemented to deter hackers, and even then, such systems need to be updated regularly as more and more sophisticated ways to gain unauthorized access are developed.

Mall security officers are required to respond to a variety of situations, including lost children or criminal activity. They must also be able to effectively interact with the public, mall tenants and management, and law enforcement. V'Shield ensures that all our officers are equipped and qualified to handle any safety or security threat that may present itself in a shopping mall.

On top of ensuring the safety of mall customers and tenants, e.g. theft and pickpocketing, vandalism, trespassing or safety hazards, our officers are also required to project a positive overall image at all times and to contribute to a safe and welcoming atmosphere. This includes rendering assistance whenever it is required, including giving directions, assisting in special circumstances such as vehicle lock outs, enforcing mall regulations and more.

Regardless of whether it's a primary, secondary, polytechnic, or university, school security guards are crucial for ensuring the safety of students and staff. Our school security team is trained to identify and diffuse unique security threats that may arise in each institution. V'Shield's unwavering commitment to creating the safest possible environment in schools has earned us a reputation for excellence and long-term client relationships. Trust us to be at the top of the class when it comes to protecting students and staff in educational settings.

In today’s global economy, cargo supply chains are highly complex and can involve a great number of parties. Such complexity makes it vulnerable to exploitations such as theft, pilferage and even exploitation by terrorists. Supply chain security can only be achieved by looking at supply chains in its entirety, such that each individual node and its links are accounted for and secured.

Our supply chain security consultants can provide assistance in the following:

  • Security plan and procedure development and auditing
  • Tailoring supply chain security solutions to your requirements
  • Implementing port and airport cargo scanning facilities
  • Supply chain security training for staff at all levels

Our supply chain security services also include:

  • Cargo Scanning
  • Security Auditing
  • Security Consultancy
  • Training and Development Services

V'Shield offers security patrol car services as an alternative to on-site officers. Our experienced patrol officers check your property, business, or home in a fully marked or unmarked security vehicle. They are trained in handling emergencies and security threats and have received training in a range of skills including First Aid/CPR, customer service, loss prevention, fire safety, and hazardous material detection.

We provide a FREE security assessment and consultation to understand your requirements and design a dedicated patrolling program to protect you and your assets at all times.